The Traditions of Our School

Our school celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2012, which calls our attention to take great care of preserving our traditions. They are the main elements of the students’ rights and while using them they become the real citizens of our school. Our traditions are good for making our institute well-known in the country and they also prove that our students wish to organize these events or they want to enlarge or change them.

The school’s traditional events are as follows:

  • opening ceremony
  • passing out first grade students and a party to get to know them (September)
  • electing student headmaster, students’ days, campaign week (October)
  • remembering our national heroes who were executed because they had taken part in the revolution and freedom fights in 1848/49 (6th October)
  • programmes in connection with Szalézi (previously Ságvári) Club
  • celebrating the revolution of October 1956
  • “ribbon ceremony” for graduating students (December)
  • decorating a Christmas tree
  • introducing performance of the first grade students, Christmas party
  • Skiing trip, skiing holiday (first week in February)
  • Carnival beginning with opening dance (end of February)
  • Szalézi (previously Ságvári) Show (February / March)
  • Physics competition for secondary school students in Borsod county (March)
  • remembering the day of poetry (11th April)
  • class trips (May for two, three days)
  • graduate students say goodbye to other students on their last day at school
  • school leaving ceremony in town and at school (mid May)
  • year finishing ceremony (end of June)

Other regular events

  • organized concert and theatre performances
  • organized movie watching twice a year
  • self study club events
  • parties
  • language evenings
  • School Gallery exhibitions

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